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Helping Seattle Companies Find Great Employees

Fill Your Jobs with Qualified, Pre-Screened, Dedicated Employees

Are you looking for dedicated employees who are appreciated by their co-workers and bring a fresh perspective to your workplace? Mainstay represents candidates with a wide range of education levels, skill sets, and abilities. What all Mainstay candidates have in common is they have a disability (physical or mental) or other barrier to employment. Our placements often require some "legwork" initially - completed in large part by your Mainstay employment specialist. The result is an employee who deeply appreciates the opportunity to work for you, develops great pride in what they do, and is dedicated to being a valuable member of your team.

Beyond the work they accomplish, employees placed by Mainstay often bring attitudes and values to your workplace that inspire their co-workers, employers and customers.

Mainstay employment specialists are among the most experienced and well-educated in their field. You can count on them to develop a clear understanding your needs and your company in order to present you with suitable, qualified candidates to interview. After you make an offer to a candidate, your Mainstay team will work with your new employee, their supervisor, and possibly their co-workers, to help your new employee get up-to-speed in their new position and settle in with their team. As needed, we will help your new employee fit into your work culture, which may include matters of appearance, punctuality, following directions, and more. We support your employee on an on-going basis to ensure they are a valuable part of your team and continue to meet or exceed your expectations.

Do you experience high turnover? We have many hard-working candidates including people who thrive in positions with repetitive tasks. Let your employment specialist know about jobs that you're frequently filling – we can help! We make it easy to hire dependable employees to fill your most challenging positions where you may have the most turnover.

Hear from Seattle employers who have opened their doors to individuals with disabilities. Meet respected Seattle business leaders Howard Schultz, Chair of Starbucks, Pat Hagen, COO of Children's Hospital, Bret Stewart, President of CenterTwist Inc., and King County Executive Ron Sims. Discover why they believe it makes good business sense to employ people with disabilities. You'll also meet Starbucks employee and Mainstay client, Courtney B.

No-Fee Service for Employers and Employees

Mainstay's customized, service-rich program is free for job seekers and employers. Government and other funding sources enable us to place employees and provide on-going support to ensure their continued success in their jobs. Since 1980, we have placed hundreds of employees in Seattle companies and look forward to doing the same for you.

Contact us today to talk with an employment specialist about your hiring needs. We're here to answer any questions you may have about job placement, food worker certification, the American Disabilities Act, in-services, situation-specific training, and more.


The City of Seattle's Supported Employment program is considered a "best practices" model and has been recognized nationally and internationally. Read the report


"… Krista is an integral member of the Mayor's office. We're honored that she's thriving in her job. Thank you Mainstay for your continued support!..."

~ Mayor Mike McGinn,
City of Seattle


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