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Get Help Finding a Job in Seattle

Ready and Motivated to Work

If you are ready and motivated to work we will help you find a job in Seattle. In your new job you can experience the pleasure of being appreciated for your work and being valued as a contributing team member. Having a job that means that you can:

Earn your own paycheck
Make new friends
Become part of a team
Gain independence
Have money to spend
Take pride in what you accomplish
Know that you and your work are valued

Helping You Find a Job in Seattle

Finding a job takes consistent effort by you, often takes several months, and involves learning new skills. Let's face it – finding a job is work. If you are ready and motivated to work your team at Mainstay is ready and eager to help you.

You have a disability (physical or mental) or other barrier to employment
A referral from the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation
You are age 21 years of age or older. (High school students click here)

Getting Started

Contact us to schedule an appointment with a Mainstay counselor. Your Mainstay counselor will provide one-to-one support services tailored to your specific needs and situation. Your employment team at Mainstay will include a job coach, employment specialist, teaching assistant, and rehabilitation counselor. They will evaluate your work skills, work routines, and necessary accommodations in order to determine the types of work best suited to your skills and abilities. We strongly recommend you attend our career-interest-building class, "Let's Go to Work!" to learn how to search effectively for jobs in Seattle.

Job Training Services That Will Help You Get Ahead

Develop the skills and knowledge to prepare for and succeed in a new job, including:

Crafting a résumé
Learning about appropriate work attire
Knowing how to present yourself well
Developing effective job interviewing skills
Increasing your work skills
Addressing job concerns
Arranging transportation
Integrating with coworkers
Building your self-esteem

Job Retention and Extended Support Services

Receive skill-training for new tasks and coaching to help you settle into your new job. Your Mainstay job coach is available long term to help you on-the-job to ensure your continued success.

Learn More in the Participant Handbook

Download the Mainstay participant handbook to learn more about Mainstay's services, your rights as a participant, and what you can do if you are not satisfied with any part of your experience with us. Your counselor will review the contents of this handbook with you. Please ask your counselor to explain anything you do not understand. Share this information with your advocates outside Mainstay so they understand how the Mainstay program works, too.

Contact us today to get started finding a great job in Seattle that fits your skills and abilities.


"Mainstay helped me find a job and was there to help me learn the job. Also, Mainstay has provided me with an interpreter at staff meetings. This helps me understand what is being said so I do not miss out on things. Mainstay has been there to support me during my annual evaluations."

~ David Johnston

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