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People Are Talking About
our School-To-Work Program

Read what Seattle students, parents, teachers and administrators are saying about Mainstay's School-to-Work program.

Mainstay Identifies and Builds On Strengths and Talents

In my work with Mainstay for the past eleven years I have seen Mainstay as an agency with a strong commitment to students and families. Mainstay's skill at identifying and building on an individual's strengths and talents leads to their successful employment, continued career development, and participation in the community. Thanks!
~ Kathy Ackerman, Seattle Public Schools

Son Enjoys Living as an Independent Adult

Thank you for the opportunity to share our story. Jerry was diagnosed at birth with non-specific brain damage/developmental delay. As parents, we had no idea what this would mean to his future, but knew we needed to help prepare him to enjoy the most successful, independent, contributing role his life could offer. Honestly, during his school years, the prospects looked pretty grim despite the interventions we had put in place through his childhood. In high school he became involved with the Department of Developmental Disabilities who connected us to Mainstay. I cannot express in words what this experience has meant to us, and specifically, to Jerry. Where he was dependent upon family for nearly every aspect of his life, through supported job training and help navigating the day-to-day activities we all take for granted, Jerry has become self-supporting, independent, and enjoys his job, friends, and outside activities. In short, Mainstay has provided our son Jerry with the tools he needed to enjoy the rights and privileges that go along with being an independent adult. I can honestly say this would never have happened without the knowledge, patience, and sensitivity that his job coach has shown to Jerry, nor would it have happened without the team approach Mainstay invests in each of their program participants.

Thank you for giving our son a chance to show what he is capable of and for providing the guidance and support that only a team such as yours could provide. Words alone will never convey our thanks.

~ Janelle Neil

Teacher Says Mainstay Coordinator Is One of the Best in King County

I am a Special Education Transition teacher with the Seattle Public Schools. I have been teaching young adults with disabilities for 26 years. During that time I have worked with many adult agencies and employment specialists. Mainstay's School-to-Work transition coordinator is one of the best in King County. She continually goes above and beyond the expectations of her position. She has served students with significant physical limitations, students with limited parental support, those who are not yet quite ready for employment, and those she can readily employ. Mainstay's School-to-Work transition coordinator is always willing to go the extra mile in order to help a young adult be successful. She has a 100 percent success rate for finding employment for my students if they are ready and motivated to work. Once they are employed, Mainstay's School-to-Work transition coordinator is an expert at communicating work-place expectations and teaching strategies to our young adults. My students love her because she speaks to them as adults, not like a parent.

Mainstay's School-to-Work transition coordinator is very knowledgeable about adult services, being the parent of a special needs child herself. She has provided information to my families about guardianship, housing, SSI, and recreation opportunities in the community in addition to employment support. Mainstay's School-to-Work transition coordinator has taken time out of her busy schedule to speak to families and students about School-to-Work, how to be successful in the adult world, and what they can do now to prepare.

The lives of so many young adults with disabilities are richer today because of Mainstay's School-to-Work transition coordinator. We as a community are very fortunate to have her as an employment specialist and School-to-Work coordinator. There are few to match her.

~ Janet Nuyen, Seattle Public Schools

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"The lives of so many young adults with disabilities are richer today because of Mainstay's School-to-Work transition coordinator."

~ Janet Nuyen
Seattle Public Schools

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