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School-to-Work Program
for High School Students

Get a Jump Start on Your First Job through Our School-To-Work Program

Your last day of high school looks like your first day on the job when you're part of Mainstay's School-to-Work program. You're probably thinking about living an independent lifestyle when you finish high school. Having a job is an important part of that. Being employed is how independent adults participate in the world and spend their days.

As part of our School-to-Work program, you'll receive training, help in finding the right job, and job experience. You will receive follow-along support from our team as you develop employment stability.

If you are ready and motivated to work contact us to discover how to easily transition from school to work through our School-to-Work program.


"Mainstay's School-to-Work transition coordinator is one of the best in King County.... She has served students with significant physical limitations, students with limited parental support, those who are not yet quite ready for employment, and those she can readily employ... She has a 100 percent success rate for finding employment for my students if they are ready and motivated to work."

~ Janet Nuyen,
Special Education Teacher
Seattle Public Schools

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