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Seattle Employers Talk About Hiring and Mainstay

Read what Seattle employers and those who work with employees placed by Mainstay are saying about Mainstay and the employees they've placed.

Seattle Mayor Expresses Appreciation for Worker Provided By Mainstay

The City of Seattle employs over sixty supported employees and has received three national and international awards for innovation in employment for people with developmental disabilities. Our ongoing relationship with Mainstay has been the key to the success of the supported employee in our office. Krista handles our incoming mail at the Mayor's office with careful precision. She also enjoys maintaining our records of correspondence via scanning and filing. Krista is an integral member of the Mayor's office. We're honored that she's thriving in her job. Thank you Mainstay for your continued support!

~ Mayor Mike McGinn
City of Seattle

Manager Sees Transformation as Supported Employees Develop and Grow

I work for the City of Seattle and, as part of my duties, I supervise two "supported employees." The Supported Employee program, a wonderful program developed by the City of Seattle that has gained national recognition, promotes the hiring of special needs individuals. Since taking on my duties as a supported employee supervisor in 2006, it has been my privilege to work with the staff of Mainstay. I have found the Mainstay staff to be people who are dedicated to improving the lives of a group of individuals who, more often than not, are marginalized by society. The coaching staff I have worked with are dedicated professionals who give sacrificially of themselves. As a supervisor of supported employees, I get to watch the transformation that takes place in Mainstay clients as they develop and grow, both personally and professionally. Mainstay staff improves the lives of their clients, and enrich us all—one person at a time.

~ Janell Wight, Administrative Specialist, III
Seattle Public Utilities, Utility Systems Management

Coworker Appreciates Quick Response When Needing Help

I would like to thank you for all of your assistance with my coworker Debra Pearson. I would not have been able to achieve all the work goals for Debra without your assistance. I always have appreciated your quick response when I have had some issues and needed your help. Also it has been a great relationship between Kerri and Debra and I. Kerri has always been very supportive with Debra's farther who is a senior citizen and requires some assistance. We have had the pleasure of Mainstay since January 18, 1994. I hope the company does not go anywhere. Thank You

~ Patricia Rains, Supervisor 1 Downtown Building Complex
Supported Employment Custodians, Building Services Section, Facilities Management Division

Office Manager Calls Supported Employee a "Gem"

I have worked with Sok, who came to us from Mainstay, for over four years. My office has thoroughly enjoyed having Sok and has come to know her as part of our office team. Mainstay and Sok’s job coach have been an excellent source to us for support for Sok in training. Anytime a new job needs to be done, Sok's job coach is available to help Sok in any kind of training that may be needed. Sok is a wonderful gem to have and Mainstay has been a wonderful "backbone" of support in her position here at our office.

~ Tracy Kelly, Office Manager


Transportation Manager Says Working with Mainstay Is a Great Experience

Working with Mainstay staff and their clients has been a great experience. Employees at Mainstay are supportive of their clients' independence. Our organization provides individualized training on public transportation in King County. We receive referrals from Mainstay to teach clients how to use public transportation to get to new job sites. The Mainstay staff are always very professional and easy to work with in all interactions. Mainstay clients are lucky to have such hardworking and caring people available to assist with employment.

~ Brian Arthur, Transit Options Program Manager
First Transit, Seattle, WA

Community Advocate Notes Invaluable Support of Coworkers

I can't say enough about the excellent service and caring attitude displayed by the staff of Mainstay. Their support of the person that I work with is invaluable. They provide the needed advocacy and interaction necessary for people with special needs to be successful in their jobs. Without their expertise and guidance, most of the folks we work with would not be able to maintain their jobs, nor would many of them even have a job in the first place. They are a much-needed service in the disability community that would be sorely missed were they eliminated. Thank you,

~ Lynn Greene
, Community Advocate for the ARC of King County

Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor Calls Mainstay Staff "Dedicated"

As a very young vocational rehabilitation counselor (VRC) I learned about Mainstay. I toured the kitchen facilities where they had clients working and learning skills, I observed people working throughout the college who were being trained by Mainstay staff. They were a dedicated group of employees working to promote supported employment from its earliest days. That remains the case today. Mainstay continues to be, for me, an example of dedication and leadership in the supported employment community. They are my "go to" organization if I am seeking great service and commitment.

~ Maureen Roberts
Division of Vocational Rehabilitation

Field Services Administrator Appreciates Mainstay as Collaborative Partner

Mainstay is a collaborative partner with the Division of Development of Developmental Disabilities. They have created and sustained positive outcomes and meaningful employment opportunities for our mutual clientele. We appreciate their efforts.

~ Lauren Bertagna, Field Services Administrator
Department of Social and Health Services
Aging and Disability Services Administration
Division of Developmental Disabilities

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"Anytime a new job needs to be done, Sok’s job coach is available to help Sok in any kind of training that may be needed. Sok is a wonderful gem to have and Mainstay has been a wonderful "backbone" of support in her position here at our office."

~ Tracy Kelly, office manager


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