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People Are Talking About Mainstay

Read what Mainstay's clients, their family members, and advocates are saying about Mainstay services.


Mainstay Continues to Help with Job Success

Mainstay helped me find a job and was there to help me learn the job. Also, Mainstay has provided me with an interpreter at staff meetings. This helps me understand what is being said so I do not miss out on things. Mainstay has been there to support me during my annual evaluations.
~ David Johnston

Client Gets Internship and Support

I have been working with Mainstay service since June 2010. They have helped me expand my network system for job search and gave me an opportunity to find an internship and did a lot of both informative and job interviews with many companies from architecture firm to law firm. Mainstay staff has worked hard to find opportunities for its clients and is willing to do anything to make it possible to help its clients to success in careers. Much thanks!
~ Joshua Jones

Certified Rehabilitation Counselor Cuts Through Red Tape

I was introduced to [Certified Rehabilitation Counselor] Rebecca about two years ago when she was asked to assist me with my job search. From the first meeting, Rebecca was energetic and positive. She focused on understanding me, my skills set and career goals. By listening to me, she quickly identified gaps in my plan and set up a roadmap on how to move forward and close those gaps. Working on my action plan, Rebecca was always available and in contact with me via, phone and email even if she was not always in the office. She used her network to identity leads, contacts, and job opportunities on a weekly basis. After working with Rebecca for several months, she felt that I needed to expand my network and resources. She cut through red tape and helped find me additional programs and people to work with. Even as I worked with new programs and contacts, Rebecca assisted me and continued to provide support. I am now currently employed in a position that fit my career goal and skills set.

Rebecca is an invaluable team member to anyone's job-search team and personally. Her professionalism and positive attitude help her clients push ahead in difficult times. I would not hesitate to recommend working with Rebecca to anyone.

~ Kimber Duffy

Client Appreciates Good Relationship

Employment Specialist Kerry and I have a good relationship. I appreciate his candor and positive attitude in any situation.
~ Shannon E. Sowell


Daughter Grows Into Productive Young Woman

Our daughter has been a client with Mainstay for over fifteen years. During that time, Mainstay has provided supported employment services to help her obtain and maintain meaningful employment. However, these efforts have not been solely geared toward employment. Mainstay has gone out of their way to help her grow and mature into a productive young woman. Diane King has been her job coach from the beginning, and many, many times over the years Diane has gone beyond the scope of her job description to do things to help our daughter. Our daughter has grown and matured over the years and Diane has played an important role in her development. There are a lot of people who are talking about what they are doing to help people with disabilities, but we know from personal experience that Mainstay is not just giving lip service. They are a group of caring, supportive people who are willing and capable of making a real difference in the life of a person who needs supported employment.
~ Jean McGee

Son with Communications Disorder Finds Job That Matches His Abilities

Our son was born with a communications disorder. This disability made it difficult for him during his school years and later to find appropriate employment. However, in 1999 things changed significantly for him in a positive way when through the Washington State Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) he met Diane King at Mainstay. Diane was able to assess and understand his disabilities and then find a job which matched his abilities and capabilities. Before getting this job, we were particularly impressed by the way Diane showed a high degree of sensitivity to all of his feelings related to the disability and made certain that the people at the workplace would all be supportive and understanding of him. Because of Diane's excellent work in doing the ground work for the job placement, he continues to work and be successful at this job. Not only was getting this job important in terms working, but also for all the positive effects about feeling good about himself. We believe Diane is typical of the kind of employment consultants which Mainstay has on its staff, having met them. In summary, we feel that they are all extremely professional, and we highly recommend Mainstay to anyone who is disabled, wants to work, and desires a productive life.
~ George and Irene Saito

Long-Distance Parents Delighted To Find Local Support Services

Our son, David, is a relatively severely developmentally disabled person who suffers from FragileX Syndrome. David lives in Seattle, Washington, under the auspices of the Seattle Association for Jews with Disabilities—a group that we were thrilled to find after much research.

We, however, live in Southern California, and the distance makes us particularly dependent on local resources. We have been delighted with the services provided by Mainstay and Rebecca Jansson—in finding employment and ongoing training and monitoring for David.

David has now been employed at Starbucks for over 5 years. The result is that David is a productive and tax-paying citizen. None of this would have been possible without the kinds of services that Mainstay provides.

~ Helen and Stuart Arfin

Son Retains Full-Time Job with Benefits

I am grateful to Mainstay for helping my son find and retain a job. They have been there for him every step of the way. He is nearing his eleventh year (full-time with benefits), which would not have been possible without the help of Mainstay.
~ Darlene Johnston

Daughter Receives Training and Support to Become Dependable Worker

Supported employment through Mainstay for our daughter Julie has enabled her to grow into a mature worker. From junior high on through high school, she was taught the skills to become a dependable worker. Having the supported employment be there to guide her along the way has been invaluable.

She finds much satisfaction in attaining, performing, and holding a job. At times she needs extra support, and they are always there to identify what her needs are and how to attain those goals. It is now going on ten years, thanks to this program and Mainstay staff.

~ Bob and Jean Baxter

Son Grows From Dependence on Family to Living as Independent Adult

Thank you for the opportunity to share our story. Jerry was diagnosed at birth with non-specific brain damage/developmental delay. As parents, we had no idea what this would mean to his future, but knew we needed to help prepare him to enjoy the most successful, independent, contributing role his life could offer. Honestly, during his school years, the prospects looked pretty grim despite the interventions we had put in place through his childhood. In high school he became involved with the Department of Developmental Disabilities who connected us to Mainstay. I cannot express in words what this experience has meant to us, and specifically, to Jerry. Where he was dependent upon family for nearly every aspect of his life, through supported job training and help navigating the day-to-day activities we all take for granted, Jerry has become self-supporting, independent, and enjoys his job, friends, and outside activities. In short, Mainstay has provided our son Jerry with the tools he needed to enjoy the rights and privileges that go along with being an independent adult. I can honestly say this would never have happened without the knowledge, patience, and sensitivity that his job coach has shown to Jerry, nor would it have happened without the team approach Mainstay invests in each of their program participants.

Thank you for giving our son a chance to show what he is capable of and for providing the guidance and support that only a team such as yours could provide. Words alone will never convey our thanks.

~ Janelle Neil


Transportation Manager Calls Mainstay Clients "Lucky"

Working with Mainstay staff and their clients has been a great experience. Employees at Mainstay are supportive of their clients' independence. Our organization provides individualized training on public transportation in King County. We receive referrals from Mainstay to teach clients how to use public transportation to get to new job sites. The Mainstay staff are always very professional and easy to work with in all interactions. Mainstay clients are lucky to have such hardworking and caring people available to assist with employment.
~ Brian Arthur, Transit Options Program Manager
First Transit, Seattle, WA

Counselor Appreciates Clients Being Treated With Dignity and Respect

I have been referring my clients to Mainstay for vocational services for the last fourteen years. Without exception, Mainstay has committed to each client and provided timely and fruitful services. I trust Mainstay to treat my clients with dignity and respect, and that trust has always been honored by the staff at Mainstay. Not only that, but the staff is fun and friendly and a pleasure to do business with!
~ Joy Shiels, Vocational Counselor
Division of Vocational Rehabilitation

DVR Employee Says Mainstay Is Example of Dedication and Leadership

As a very young vocational rehabilitation counselor (VRC) I learned about Mainstay. I toured the kitchen facilities where they had clients working and learning skills, I observed people working throughout the college who were being trained by Mainstay staff. They were a dedicated group of employees working to promote supported employment from its earliest days. That remains the case today. Mainstay continues to be, for me, an example of dedication and leadership in the supported employment community. They are my “go to” organization if I am seeking great service and commitment.
~ Maureen Roberts
Division of Vocational Rehabilitation

DSHS Administrator Appreciates Positive Outcomes

Mainstay is a collaborative partner with the Division of Development of Developmental Disabilities. They have created and sustained positive outcomes and meaningful employment opportunities for our mutual clientele. We appreciate their efforts.
~ Lauren Bertagna, Field Services Administrator
Department of Social and Health Services
Aging and Disability Services Administration
Division of Developmental Disabilities

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"Mainstay staff has worked hard to find opportunities for its clients and is willing to do anything to make it possible to help its clients to success in careers."

~ Joshua Jones

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