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In these videos, meet supported employees and their employers in their work places to hear what they're saying about supported employment.


Meet Courtney and discover the positive, wide-spread impact of employing people with disabilities.


Watch this eye-opening trailer for a documentary focused on jobs for autistic adults. "Amazing", "Wonderful", "Brilliant", "A whole different view of autism", "Everyone needs to see this movie!" Facebook; Press Release


Meet Dandan, Andrew, and their employers in this eye-opening video. Discover how jobs change lives.


Dr. Theresa Law, PS on her experience hiring disabled employees and her advice to other business owners who are considering hiring a supported employee.


Meet supported employees, their co-workers, and supervisors at the City of Seattle and discover how Mainstay provides ongoing support for this winning partnership.


This employer-to-employer video introduces you to Seattle area employers who have hired disabled employees, including Starbucks, Children's Hospital, and Center Twist Inc.. It showcases the benefits of hiring individuals with significant disabilities. "Great Hires" was created by King County Developmental Disabilities Division in partnership with the Washington Initiative for Supported Employment, a Washington state non-profit that specializes in training and technical assistance supporting people with disabilities in community jobs, and Don Porter of King 5 News.

Contact us to learn more about successfully hiring and retaining disabled employees.

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