How to Find Dependable, Hard-Working Employees for Entry-Level Positions in Greater Seattle 2018-01-19T21:25:43+00:00

How to Find Dependable, Hardworking Employees for Entry-Level Positions in Greater Seattle

Your business has entry-level jobs to fill, but you are not sure how to locate dependable, hard-working employees for those positions. Perhaps you have used traditional employment agencies, classified newspaper ads, or even Craigslist. But even after locating candidates, doing interviews, and conducting background checks, you may still have high turnover.

What are your options? One cost-effective (free) solution is to work with an experienced agency, like Mainstay, that provides supported employment services. Mainstay specializes in providing screened candidates who will be a good fit for your organization.

When selecting such an agency, make sure the organization meets these criteria:

  1. The services are provided free of charge to you and the employee.
  2. You are presented with screened, motivated candidates.
  3. The screening process includes a 20-day work assessment to determine the individual’s strengths, interests, and employment goals.
  4.  The agency answers your questions about the American Disabilities Act, essential functions of the job, tax credits, in-services, food workers’ certification, situation-specific training, and more.
  5. The agency provides support for you, the employee, and coworkers, and continues long as the employee works for your organization.
  6. The organization specializes in placing candidates with employers located in the greater Seattle area.

Supported employment agencies, like Mainstay, work with motivated individuals who have a disability or other barrier to employment. Our employment specialists have years of experience working with employers and job seekers. We have the education and experience to understand your needs, and we provide on-site support tailored to the situation. All of this ensures your new employee meets or exceeds your expectations. You will find that Mainstay provides you with candidates who deeply value the importance of work in their lives, develop great pride in what they do, and become loyal employees. Hiring a supported employee means that employment specialists and job coaches collaborate with you every step of the way. We want to your new employee to be a productive, long-term member of your team.

Contact the employment specialists at Mainstay, in the heart of Seattle, to discover how you can fill your entry-level positions with dependable, hard-working employees.