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Five Tips for Improving Employee Retention

Using these five simple tips to improve employee retention will help you save time and money in recruiting. Discover how Mainstay will do much of the work for you – at no cost to you or the employee.

1. Hire the right candidate the first time.

An effective agency, like Mainstay, provides supported employment to people with barriers to employment. We do our homework by getting to know you, learning your work culture and environment, and then communicating this information to job candidates. Successful employment specialists establish open, honest communication with you enabling them to recommend candidates well-suited for your organization. The key to successful, long-term employees is making a good fit at the beginning.

2. Provide the candidate with the proper training.

During the job seeker’s coaching period, quality agencies emphasize the importance of soft skills such as promptness, communication, and teamwork, in addition to hard skills, which are the essential functions of the job. Agencies coach and train new employees systematically and consistently to implement structure on the job.

3. Carve out new entry-level positions.

Where possible, selected tasks may be taken from other employees and used to create new entry-level jobs. This frees established employees to work more efficiently at their own skill levels. For example, on-going filing or organizational tasks rarely getting attention can be delegated to this entry-level position.

4. Offer follow-along services.

Job coaches at the best agencies continue as resources to employers – to answer questions and address concerns, including disability-related questions. The best organizations offer co-worker training on a formal and/or informal basis. These tools and services are proven time-saving and cost-effective measures for managers and supervisors.

5. Improve social capital.

Using a great supported-employment agency, like Mainstay, has a positive effect on the social capital of your workplace and increases the productivity of your other employees.


“It’s a positive experience working with employees who have disabilities,” says one business owner. “Co-workers and customers appreciate management for helping supported employees earn a living.”

Even if you’ve already tried hiring a supported candidate and it didn’t work the first time, it’s worth trying again. Only this time, use an agency with a proven track record of excellence.

One office manager used the services of Mainstay in Seattle, Washington, to hire a supported employee. She reports her office thoroughly enjoys having the employee as part of the office team. “Mainstay’s job coach has been an excellent source for support,” the manager said. “Whenever a new job needs to be done, the job coach is available to help in any kind of training that may be needed. [This employee] is a wonderful gem to have, and Mainstay has been a backbone of support in her position here at our office.”

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